Let’s connect the Pyrenees!

We are undertaking a cross-border project that aims to show the varieties of native bovine meat from the Pyrenees through the promotion of the stockbreeders and restaurants of the area.

In this early stage, we are seeking the players that will make the project possible, will promote it and will enjoy it. Would you help us?



The project “carndelspirineus.cat” is included in the project DIETAPYR, which is coordinated by the University of Zaragoza.  The aim of this project is to apply innovations to the bovine production chain of the Pyrenees in order to obtain a product with added value.

A project that promotes the Pyrenees regions

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We are looking for the players of the project

Without your help it won’t be possible. Please, contact us for further information about the development of the project.

The aim of this project is to promote the consumption of the bovine meat of the Pyrenees and to invigorate/encourage the activity of stockbreeders and restaurateurs that are working with this meat.

We are seeking stockbreeders that breed bovine animals in the Pyrenees with the aim to provide greater visibility to your work and to show how carefully you are raising your animals.

On the other hand, we look for the restaurants that are cooking and serving meat produced in this area in order to make you known, together with your other gastronomic proposals.

We are also looking for economic and touristic agents (local governments, provincial councils, companies, associations…) that would be interested in the project and want to be involved in it in some way.

Finally, we are looking for the fans who are willing to take part on the project through the different tools that we will provide you. For instance:

  • A map with all the stockbreeders, restaurants and economics and/or touristic agents of the area
  • Contents and papers about the meat varieties
  • Digital contests based on visiting farms and restaurants of the area
  • Other actions that will defined soon


Stockbreeders & restaurants

Both if you are a stockbreeder and you are interested in be part of this project and want to show how do you raise your animals, or if you are a restaurant and you want to show your gastronomical proposals with the Pyrenees bovine meat, sign up and we will contact you.

Stockbreeders signed up: coming soon.

Restaurants signed up: coming soon.

Touristic and economic agents

If you are a touristic or an economic agent and you would like to help us in order to revitalize it, sign up and we will contact you.    

Touristic agents: coming soon.

Economic agents: coming soon.

Consumers, travelers, instagramers, bloggers… and the rest of people interested in the Pyrenees, its culture, gastronomy and people.

If you want to help us to promote the project, contact us and we will inform you.

And if you are a consumer and you want to see how the animals are bred and also to taste the meat in the restaurants of the area, sign up and we will tell you where you can go and how to reach the places.

People that joined us: coming soon.

Media and press

Subscribe to our electronic newsletter and keep informed of the latest news and updates of the project.

Media listed: coming soon.



Map of ranchers, restaurants and tourist and economic agents · Information and articles about the area · Contests

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